Honestly, that Anon asking about how you can be so full of yourself made me slightly sad. Like, your blog and how you view yourself and the universe and the ensuing interactions have really helped me on a personal level? I just thought you should know, even if I'm a bit too scared still to come off Anon and actually talk to you.
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don’t worry anon. i’m still the same vain megalomaniac hellbent on a life of fitzgeraldian excess i always was. no anon is gonna change that.


(it’s easy to put things and people down, much harder to pull them up. i don’t know if the other anon was trying to put me down, but they certainly used the kind of insulting words and language people use when they want to tear strips off someone’s psyche. that kind of wilfully cruel shit doesn’t fly with me, and i don’t let it touch me, unless it’s coming from someone i know, love, and respect deeply and there’s only about seven of those in the world.

other than that, once you take a step back and see what the person is doing - and it’s much harder in real life than online in black and white letters - you can start thinking why they’re doing it. usually it’s got nothing to do with you and everything to do with them)

  1. currentlythymoss said: people never like a woman with self-confidence imho
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