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'here there be monsters, by which i mean you' - satan
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June 10 2013, 11:04 AM

AU: the trial of Hannibal Lecter is televised, Cover + Leader Article |  [inspired by x] [more trial ‘verse]

Dr Lecter sits in the courtroom with his cheshire smile and his witty asides, and suddenly every gruesome charge, every horrific act of which he is accused, fly out of the mind. Online, in the world of hashtags and bon mots, of instantly iconic images and the unrestrained gut-reaction, he is a sensation.

Filed Under:  #hannibal  #nbc hannibal  #hannibal lecter  #will graham  #by me  #all i want is this show to go to trial  #to have it encompass and reflect the obsession with hannibal lecter that the show has created in its audience  #and show it in-world; we are already along for the ride; already aligned with the people hannibal is fooling inside his world  #but boy do i want to see the world catch up to us; to cross that line that will happen at the unveiling  #and to have hannibal play the world as consummately as he's playing us  #to have the show subvert and interrogate the fascination; to play it for all it's worth  #i want the glamour of the trial and i want the subversion of it as a performance tactic by hannibal  #i want will graham ruined both inside and out; i want alana cold and furious and i want abigail hobbs playing her part to a tee  #the modern salem witch-trial girl pointing at hannibal and calling him the devil  #and i want him to smile to himself and adore her for her brilliance in the part she's playing  #i want it all  #i particularly want the conspiracy theories saying that the entire thing was a ploy; a long con  #to get abigail immunity for her testimony; to get will off scott free as an innocent victim  #with hannibal taking the fall and getting a cushy cell in the psych ward  #and those are the conspiracy theories that will really get steam under them when hannibal escapes several years later  #that the whole trial and circus was a scheme cooked up by the three of them  #trial 'verse  #tw: cannibalism  #tw: murder  #tw: mental instability  #tw: ableism  #tw: psychological abuse  #i have no idea how to write journo-speak i'm sorry i just wrote a bunch of stuff and pasted it in  
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